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Woohoo! I know that doesn’t sound very professional and is a strange feeling in the midst of a pandemic, but that is how I am feeling today! While in Romania this past January, I learned about a significant opportunity to apply for EU funding by March 20th. When I heard about it, I knew those grants would help us open the Sanctuary much sooner than we’d ever imagined. I was thrilled.

The only problem was that we would need to acquire the title to the first Sanctuary site almost a year ahead of our original plan in order to qualify. I came home on February 7th knowing we had to raise a whopping $600,000 in less than 6 weeks. It seemed impossible. But we knew that if we were able to find the investments, we would be able to receive our final accreditation from the Romanian government much sooner than expected. We could start receiving survivors and unlocking transformation more quickly than we’d dreamed! So we worked hard and prayed harder. You prayed and worked with us. And guess what: within 30 days, we received the full amount! God continues to blow our minds. We are celebrating His goodness and your generosity. Thank you for getting us this far. Please keep praying with us as we keep pushing forward. We have an ambitious goal of hosting several Survivors at the first Sanctuary this summer for a 3-week, trauma-informed retreat. We are praying that it will still be possible in light of the changing global situation. We will keep you posted as things develop. In the meantime, jump up and down, sing, cheer and celebrate what God has done!

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Hey Friends,

I returned from Romania a week ago and am still amazed at the momentum we’re seeing there. We forged partnerships with dozens of experts and organizations who will help us build a world-class program for survivors. Art therapists, agricultural experts, anti-human trafficking leaders, and others are forming an unstoppable coalition.

We are seeing God breathe life into the first Sanctuary!

We could not do any of this without you. I could not be more grateful for your overwhelming support and encouragement. Your investment makes a difference in the lives of hundreds, even thousands of survivors.

During this last trip, I became aware of a significant opportunity. It turns out that with all of these partnerships, we are rapidly becoming an ideal candidate to receive grants from the EU. We will have immediate access to these funds if we get the title to the property of the first Sanctuary by March 20, 2020

What an incredible opportunity! The current owner of the land has agreed to hand over the title if we’re able to make a second payment on the land of $600,000. An incredibly generous family has committed to matching every gift up to $300,000 - half of what we need! That means every gift you give doubles. Each investment takes us two steps closer to opening a world-class center for healing.

God has been putting us in the right place at the right time throughout this whole process.

I believe there’s a reason we learned about this opportunity right before Valentine’s day. For me, it’s another chance to double the love we’re able to show to survivors. I hope you will consider joining me in spreading that love to the ends of the earth, starting with this property in Romania.

We’re in the right time and place again, and I’m so grateful to have people like you by our side. Can I ask you to help us again?

Thank you for being the key to survivors staying free.

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Hi Friends, Our trip to Romania, the site of our first Sanctuary, has been filled with fascinating experiences — but this one was certainly a highlight: A colleague and I arrived at the airport to pick up several of our psychology and agriculture experts. As we entered the airport, we noticed two young ladies accompanied by an older man and a younger man. Something just didn’t feel right.

After watching for several minutes and noticing some disturbing and inappropriate behavior, we decided to get involved.  We took action, including alerting airport security and other authorities who took the matter in hand. Later that evening, we were informed that it was in fact a case of human trafficking. The two young ladies were told they were going to a foreign country for employment. Supposedly, they would be caring for an elderly couple in a castle and would be paid a generous wage. The truth was, they were about to be trafficked. We were in the right place at the right time, and two lives were saved. In fact, it becomes clearer every day that we ARE in the right place at the right time. Romania is the perfect place to start making our global vision a reality.

We are more committed than ever to fight the evil of modern day slavery ... first in Romania and then in other desperate places around the world. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I filmed this video of the Sanctuary property on our recent trip. Look how beautiful it is! As we prepare to launch the programming of the first Sanctuary village, we need your help.

Join us in bringing transformation to the lives of survivors in Romania and beyond.

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