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How Child Sex Trafficking Happens: Snowy's Story

Ending the evil of child sex trafficking means learning how it operates. The UN recently estimated that 47% of trafficking survivors in Central Europe are children. Trafficking a child is unfathomable to most of us, it can be hard to understand how it happens. Snowy is one of dozens of child survivors we have worked with. Her story shows us some of the factors that lead to a child being trafficked: addiction, poverty, abuse, and more. Sadly, her family had a role in trafficking her. Up to 35% of children trafficked for sexual exploitation have a parent orchestrating the abuse.

Knowing what makes children like Snowy vulnerable also tells us how to protect them. It's why at Uncaged, we take a holistic approach to prevention and healing. Right now, we are collaborating with an international coalition on a strategy to end child trafficking. We are creating policies to recognize vulnerable children. We are investing in education so parents know how to protect their children from traffickers. We are working to make sure families have better options than selling their children. And yes, we are bringing children to safety when they need somewhere to go. Your support makes all of this work possible.

Snowy's story is ultimately one of HOPE because of people like you. It takes an army of abolitionists to find these children, protect them, give them the care they need. People like you stepped in to bring healing to Snowy. People like you are making sure children like Snowy never experience the horrors of trafficking. Let's equip ourselves for this fight. Watch Snowy's story knowing that we hold the keys to freedom! We can be the generation that ends this evil.

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