Fighting for Child Survivors

Child survivors need restoration. Your support makes it possible.

47% of trafficking survivors in central europe are children

An estimated 10+ million children are enslaved at any given moment. In Romania, nearly half of all survivors are children.

This staggering reality does not even account for the children of trafficking survivors, who have also endured trauma and need care.

uncaged fights for child survivors

Children deserve every ounce of care and protection we can muster. We collaborate to rescue children from traffickers. We fight on a systemic level to keep children safe. We provide holistic, trauma-informed care to make sure these kids get to be...kids.


Our team has worked with dozens of child survivors, including children who were trafficked and children whose mothers were trafficked. 

your support is key

Few people understand the magnitude of child trafficking. Even fewer people have joined the fight to end it. 

Committing to end child trafficking means learning how to recognize trafficking, prevent it, and how to bring healing to child survivors. 

You hold the keys to freedom. Build the army to end child trafficking with us.

what it means

By becoming a freedom fighter for Children, you are: 

  • Joining a cutting-edge, global coalition to end child trafficking.

  • Protecting millions of children.

  • Creating sustainable anti-trafficking movements by empowering on-the-ground organizations to work with local governments.

  • Strategically battling trafficking worldwide by guarding children in Romania.

child survivor story: snowy


Our focus is on the tremendous and complex task of rescuing and restoring shattered hearts, minds, and psyches.  Our goal is to become one of the world’s leading catalysts and resource hubs for the anti-trafficking movement.

Uncaged’s Communication Policy >

Uncaged adheres to a strict policy of never revealing the identity of a traffic survivor. To ensure that we never re-exploit a survivor, all images and names have been changed.



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