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Trafficking Breaking Open in Romania

Hello Friends,

I write today with mixed emotions — joyful and amazed at the incredible things God is doing with Uncaged, but also desperately concerned for the millions of precious souls caught in human trafficking. 

In recent weeks, it seems things are "breaking open" in Romania. We are hearing reports and reading articles like this one, which underscores a disheartening problem: Dozens of people are being freed, — but with no place to go, they will likely be re-victimized.

The fact that 65 percent of survivors found in Europe are Romanian serves to remind us that God has strategically guided our focus to Romania. Friends are coming to our partner Beni in Romania, and saying things like “Beni, we thought you were crazy when you would tell these stories. We are sorry that we didn’t believe you. We see now this is a huge problem."

That makes me want to get the first Sanctuary open as soon as humanly possible so that we can give these young women and girls a place to heal in safety.

We are making great progress in raising funds for the land. Now we need need money to create the trauma-informed program that will expedite their healing 

We have found the land.We know how to unlock transformation in the lives of the survivors.Now we just need your help in funding the program.

If you have given, we are so grateful. If you haven't,will you join us in bringing freedom to the captives?

You hold the key to their freedom!

PS, One of the young women we recently rescued shared something that warmed my heart: "This morning I woke up and I heard music in the other room. I went to see who was playing. The entire family who ‘adopted’ me were there, singing Happy Birthday to me.

This is the first time in my life someone showed love to me. Unconditionally."

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