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Will You Unlock the Cage for Survivors?

This summer we’ve been giving you tools to Open the Door. You’ve been growing your knowledge about the reality of human trafficking in Europe and around the world.

Many of you have watched our videos and taken our quizzes.

You might have even downloaded our free Bible Study on human trafficking (If not, grab it now!)

Today, we are excited to share a new video with you we filmed earlier this year in Romania. It is the story of the day our Founder, Kim Westfall, was waiting for a friend at an airport and saw something suspicious.

So, what are you going to do with that knowledge? Are you willing to take a step and unlock the cage for trafficking survivors?

Now, that you know—how will you respond?

We are going to be sharing throughout the month of August practical ways YOU can unlock the cage. Don’t miss your chance to join The Freedom Highway and help us make sure we can say, “Slavery No More!”

Today, you have the chance to lift up a trafficking survivor in Romania who is on the road to healing! You have the opportunity to train essential members of the community in anti-trafficking practices that could prevent a life of slavery for countless women and girls. You can help a refugee who fled Ukraine in the war stay safe.

Will you unlock the cage and take a step by giving today?

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