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Our Free Gift to Help Grow Your Knowledge

Our mission is to eradicate human trafficking and unlock transformation for its survivors. This is our life’s calling and we aren’t going to quit anytime soon.

Part of that missions means helping others grow their knowledge. What is human trafficking? How can we prevent it?

According to the FBI, what percentage of sexual advances (a grooming practice for traffickers) occurs online or through instant messaging?

  • 22%

  • 48%

  • 63%

  • 89%

As we continue to grow our knowledge, we believe Scripture has a lot to tell us about the topic of human trafficking. Those trapped in human trafficking are captives. It's important to ask, "What does God say is our responsibility to those in bondage?"

So, we created a brief Bible Study, Bathed in Sunlight.

It is our gift to you!

It's perfect for use alone or in a small group. You can use it in your church to begin the conversation about how God is asking your people to get involved in this fight for freedom. If it’s meaningful to you, we hope you will share what you learn with us and with friends.

Download the free Bible Study now, and learn how you can join the Freedom Highway that is leading more and more survivors to freedom every day!

Will you join us in listening to what God has for us in this next season? I know that together we can unlock transformation for hundreds, even thousands of survivors across the globe.

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