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Why Should You Get Involved?

What kind of behavior do we want to model for our children? It’s a question that motivates parents, leaders, and anyone who is considering what the world will look like for the next generation. Modeling justice for her children is one reason Heather Clark shared she is so passionate about being involved in the work of Uncaged.

“It’s really important for our kids to know the world exists beyond their own faces,” Heather told us. “The life they can see is not the story for everyone in the world.”

Heather and Dan Clark have been around since Uncaged was only a concept. They have watched the organization grow and have been partners since the early days. They were some of the first Key Holders, monthly partners who hold the keys to transformation for human trafficking survivors.

When we asked why they wanted to be a part of this work, Heather said,

“You can’t deny that the Lord is in this. We’ve seen how God has opened doors in terms of opportunity, in favor with the right people, and providing the property for The Sanctuary. If you want to be in the Lord’s will, you don’t have to look very hard. You just figure out where God is moving, and get on that path. The reason anti-trafficking work matters is because it matters to God.”

Heather said she would challenge others to think about the commission we have to carry the burdens of others. She talked about how we sometimes think about our own loads and how heavy they feel. But, what are we responsible for? Other people have what Scripture calls “burdens”—crushing loads they cannot carry on their own. “Being sold into slavery is a crushing load,” she continued. “That is a burden you cannot handle on your own and someone has to help you. You cannot know about these kinds of burdens and then do nothing.”

We asked what Heather would say to someone considering becoming a Key Holder and getting involved in monthly partnership with Uncaged. She said she would tell people how much of a difference a little bit of help makes for women needing freedom from the physical, emotional, and spiritual bondage they are in.

“It’s a direct correlation,” she explained. “The more you give, the more girls we can get out, and the sooner God can redeem their stories and set them back on a path of healing and wholeness.”

She had a final word for those who might already be involved but want to do more: “Double your efforts and get busy!”

Find out how to become a Key Holder today!

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