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What is Love?

A common misconception about human trafficking is that the most common means of trafficking victims is through force. In Romania, the "Loverboy Method" is the most common way women are lured into sex trafficking.

This evil practice uses a woman's longing to know love to lure her into the unimaginable. Rescue from the horrible situations these women have been subject to is only the beginning. The ability to trust and the knowledge of what love looks like are all broken. It's a long road to learning how to open ones self up to others again.

We show love to survivors of human trafficking with comfort and care, safety, trauma-informed therapy, and building trust. Relationships with our caring staff, host families, and other survivors all help show what love can look like to a survivor.

When you join the work of Uncaged, you help us walk alongside survivors for the long haul and help them experience love and care.

How will you show love to survivors?

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