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What Does Prevention Mean?

How would you know if the person your child is speaking to online is a school friend or a trafficker in disguise?

How can you be sure if the job you’re applying for in another state or country that seems to good to be true is legitimate?

Are you sure that a new relationship isn’t part of a trafficking plot?

These are questions we should all be able to answer so we can stay safe and keep those in our communities safe. 


Can you answer this question?

  • True

  • False

Answer: True.

Many survivors were trafficked by family members, supposed friends or romantic partners.


Prevention starts with awareness. Prevention means knowledge.

We’re helping you get the answers! That’s why we’re committed to sharing this life-saving knowledge with you. We’ve been sharing prevention tips and human trafficking awareness information through blogs and social media posts. But now, we’re putting resources in your hands you can share with others.

Our first Prevention Tips download has information to help you stay safe online. Make sure to grab that download here.

Once you’re on our email list, you’ll get future downloads sent straight to your inbox.

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