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Supporting 110 Survivors Across Europe

You may recall that in March, we shared about the 58 women tucked in safe houses across Europe who had managed to escape their traffickers. Today, that number has grown. Our team is now assisting 110 trafficking survivors. We hear of more precious souls every day.

As you know, the majority of these women are trapped abroad due to Covid-19 lockdowns. Members of our Freedom Highway are giving them legal, medical, and emotional support. Even though they are far from the Sanctuary, their healing journeys have begun.

Just recently, one of these brave women told us, “I’ve finally gotten to rest and start to heal. Now, I am ready to fight for my future!”

We know that getting these survivors to the Sanctuary is going to unlock a wave of transformation. This is why I am thrilled to share that we are preparing to bring 35 survivors to the Sanctuary!

We found them through a partner agency. They all come from a very unique and troubling situation. The bright side of their unusual circumstance is that we are able to bring them to the Sanctuary. Praise God!

The Sanctuary is ready. The program is ready. Now, we are ramping up our staff capacity and launching into the details of a customized series of trauma-informed retreats for the 35. As part of our work with them, we will be equipping the partner agency that brought them to us. It’s time to swing the door to freedom wide!

What’s even better is that preparing to bring these 35 women to the Sanctuary will mean we are in a perfect position to scale our efforts. Training these first agencies and individuals enables them to equip others. We will have the perfect team in place to bring the other 75 survivors tucked across safe houses in Europe as soon as Covid restrictions lift.

Unlocking transformation for these women is just the beginning. Getting the Sanctuary running at full capacity, equipping freedom fighters at scale - this is how we catalyze the movement that will end trafficking!

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