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9 Survivors Experienced Healing at our Becoming Retreat

Last week in the USA, we piloted our trauma-informed retreat for survivors. We partnered with two local agencies to bring 9 trafficking survivors for an intensive week of trauma therapy.

Seeing these survivors’ smiles and breakthroughs over the week was truly rapturous. It all started when we welcomed the survivors. They each received personalized journals, gift bags, and even gourmet cookies. Their reactions showed that many of the survivors had never been treated with such care. One simply stared and said, "I feel so loved."

During the retreat, they began to heal through animal-assisted therapy, art therapy, individual therapy. More than anything, it was beautiful to see survivors experience transformational love. We saw powerful breakthroughs and tears.

We are more convinced than ever that our program at the Sanctuary is going to transform hundreds, even thousands of lives in ways we can scarcely imagine. The land in Romania is nearly secured, we have already paid for 80% of the property. We are ready to welcome survivors as soon as Covid-related travel bans lift.

Even as we yearn to open the Sanctuary, we’re celebrating the transformation that is already happening across the globe! While we were running our retreat stateside, 15 survivors were graduating from our current program in Romania. This week, they are starting their new lives with jobs and community support. Join us in blessing this new chapter for them!

The door to freedom is swinging wide for survivors. Next, we will unlock the land to the first Sanctuary!

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