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Praying for Two Kinds of Freedom

Sour cherries 🍒 and breathtaking sunsets at the first Sanctuary. Every inch of this place will breath life into restoration.

Our hearts are like these cherries - ready, ripe, and waiting. Our team feels so ready to welcome dozens more survivors.

We’ve had the privilege of walking with 23 survivors during Covid-19. 8 of those have just launched their new lives.

We know that in the face of the enormity of human trafficking, these numbers can feel small.

But then, a survivor like Helena* says that her time with us “helped me become the woman I always wanted to be.” What a powerful word.

Are we committed to tackling the atrocities of human trafficking at scale? Yes. We are working day and night to #endit and create restorative, global solutions.

But we are praying that we never lose sight of how precious each. one. survivor. is. This is not some abstract fight - these are real people with spirits, hearts, minds, and dreams. And we get to unlock transformation after so much has been stolen from them.

How incredible is that?

We hope you will join us in praying for freedom. First - the freedom for survivors to come home once travel restrictions lift in Europe. Then, for the freedom that comes with healing.

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