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Hope Through the Eyes of a Survivor

Have you ever imagined what the world looks like through the eyes of a survivor?

She has experienced trauma and loss. She has seen the doors begin to swing open as she escaped from trafficking. She has big dreams, but big obstacles to overcome to achieve them.

At Uncaged, we walk with survivors and we equip them to stay free. Nearly 90% of survivors who have worked with our team are still free after five years or more. Survivors like Dorina are walking into their future. You can be the key that unlocks transformation!

Dorina is free from sexual exploitation and walking into her future with her son. She completed our program and worked tirelessly for her family's restoration. Here's what she had to say:

"I have learned that life can be difficult and unknown, but God is always good. I’ve learned that people can influence your life and if you open your heart, you can really be transformed.

I am going to work in the hairdresser’s salon, doing what I always have dreamed to do, making people look beautiful. My past is gone, and I want to live a full life for myself and for others.

I’ll be living together with my son who is 13, and together we will build a strong family, the same kind of family I’ve learned I lived in for the last two years.

I cannot thank you enough for your investment in my life and for making this transformation possible for me and my son."

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