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From Trafficking to a National Championship

We are celebrating with Snowy! Just a few weeks ago, she won a national award for playing piano. She is now a champion pianist in her age bracket. I can't help but think about where she was a few short years ago when we rescued her. She was traumatized, riddled with infection, terrified. Seeing Snowy now makes me realize just how powerful the "resilience factor" is with her and other survivors.

Snowy has faced more challenges than most of us can even imagine. After just a couple of years, she is excelling in music and her favorite subject, math! She's inspiring her 4 younger siblings, other survivors, and hopefully freedom fighters like you. Go, Snowy!

What motivates me even more about Snowy’s story is that while her journey is unique, her resilience is not. The hundreds of survivors we encounter are ready to reclaim their futures. They are ready to do the hard work of healing and rebuilding their lives. Snowy has experienced a level of transformation that is possible for the vast majority of these survivors. Yes, I mean all 48+ million of them! They just need to be located, rescued, and given wraparound support using the right model.

I believe we are rapidly building capacity to unlock transformation at scale. We are finding these souls through the Freedom Highway. We are collaborating with professionals across Europe to rescue these women and children. And we have the ideal wraparound model and trauma-informed tools to unlock transformation. Our model is able to reach thousands of survivors AND prioritize customized care for each survivor. Snowy was beaming when she held her award. She’s gone from battered, broken, and unloved to overflowing with joy in just a few short years. This is the transformation that’s possible for survivors of sex trafficking. Thank you for making it possible for Snowy's resilience to shine through. Now, let’s do the same for hundreds, even thousands more.

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