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Fighting for Freedom on Two Levels

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Ending sex trafficking worldwide means we are fighting for freedom at two levels. We work one-on-one with survivors to equip them for healing. It’s a personal, intimate process for each survivor. We want to honor each of them as individuals. On the other hand, we know we’ll never be able to stamp out this evil without broad, systemic change.

For a few months now, Kim Westfall is serving with a coalition of over 60 organizations and professionals across Europe who are working to end trafficking. Together, we’re developing international strategies to combat trafficking and serve survivors.

One of the most pressing projects we are working on with this team is a plan to rescue and restore child survivors. As you may know, over half of sex trafficking survivors our team has worked with in Romania are children.

Right now, Romania has no national process for identifying and finding missing children. Even when they find these precious little ones, they usually have nowhere safe to send them. More than 80% of them end up being re-trafficked because they have nowhere to go.

We’re working to change that! As part of the plan this coalition is putting together, child survivors will be directed to the first Sanctuary and our aftercare program. These children will get to safety, where we can address all of their immediate needs and put them on the road to healing.

I want you to know that your support and encouragement paves the way for us to be a part of groups like this one. It’s your dedication that is going to help us change Romania, Europe, and then the rest of the world.

Let’s see trafficking end once and for all, especially for the sake of these precious children!

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