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Download the New Resource: Tips to Keep Yourself Safe Online

Think you or your children aren’t at risk for human trafficking?

A friend of our staff shared this story about his daughter that might change your mind.

This man’s daughter decided to take a gap year after graduating high school here in a community in the U.S. She chose to be a nanny for a family in Europe. She was excited to see the world!

The girl and her parents found an opportunity online and met a great family in Italy to bring her on for a year. She was picked up at the airport by a man who dropped her off at an apartment and said the family would come to meet her.

The family didn’t come the next day and the girl felt uneasy. By day 3, she knew something was wrong and called her parents. They contacted a friend who is an Uncaged Donor. They thought the situation seemed suspicious and knew these friends might know what to do.

The partners of ours jumped into action. They called friends in Italy who said she was in a very bad area—mob territory. They told her to pack her bags and meet them, and they got her out.

The job on the website was a front for traffickers! The website claimed no responsibility and said it wasn’t their job to vet potential families. This young girl was almost trafficked, but thankfully someone knew what to do! 

Situations like this are becoming more common. Do you know how to spot a trafficker grooming your children online? Would you know what to do in a situation like this?

Don’t be caught unaware! Prevention is a key step to eradicating human trafficking and we want you to be prepared.

Download useful tips for staying safe online now! We’ve created an easy-access page for information for you. You can save the page as a photo on your phone for quick reference. Print it out. Share it with family, friends, and members of your church and community. 

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