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Corki: One person can be the key for many

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Hello Friends,

We are gaining so much momentum in both Romania and the US! Our Romania team, Beni and Rodica, have been traveling around the US with me this month. They’re sharing on-the-ground stories of freeing women in Romania. Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated Uncaged with a night of music alongside Phil Keaggy and Jeremy Casella in Nashville. The army is growing and the movement is building. We're getting so close to purchasing the land for the first Sanctuary, and it’s so inspiring to see the Church come together to free the captives!

We need every hand to fight this evil; each one of you makes a huge impact. I wanted to highlight someone in our network who has worked tirelessly to be the key. Corki has worked for years in the business world getting start-up businesses up and running. She traveled with me to Romania a few weeks ago, where she toured the property we are looking at for our first Sanctuary! She has thrown herself whole-heartedly into catalyzing Uncaged.

When I ask her why she first got involved, she simply said,

“I love Jesus. It’s really clear that without Him we have no hope. I want to love him and serve others in a way that brings Him glory.”

Isn’t it heartening to do work that brings God glory?

You may remember a couple of months ago, we were racing to free six Survivors from languishing in a Romanian jail cell. They were running out of time and were about to be transferred to a location where they would have almost certainly been re-trafficked. Beni shared the situation with Corki, and she sprang into action.

Within forty-eight hours, Corki had raised the funds for the Survivors’ release. She had even mobilized enough support to transport them to their various host families. I was stunned and overwhelmed with gratitude. The Survivors left the jail cell within days. It felt like a miracle!

When I asked her about it, she spread her hands, “God made it clear that something needed to be done by somebody.” What an amazing partner!

We are so grateful to have a network of people fighting with us to bring survivors to a place of peace and safety. One day soon, The Sanctuary will be that place. As we work towards that day, Corki reminds us that together, we can unlock transformation for thousands of survivors.

Corki reminds me that we truly hold the keys to freedom. If one person can free six women in two days, imagine what we can do together!

Thank you for being the key to unlocking Survivors’ transformation. 

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