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35 women and children trafficked in the same town

My heart has been heavy ever since I heard about the Diamonds - the 35 women and children who we are preparing to welcome to the Sanctuary. They come from a particularly heartbreaking situation.

A partner agency in Eastern Europe connected us to these precious souls. All of them reside in one small village situated on a major trucking route in Romania. They are members of an extremely stigmatized ethnic group and geographically isolated. For generations, women and children have been pushed into sexual exploitation there.

Even worse, the Diamonds are young. All 35 are between ages 12-25. Some of the youngest ones already have children of their own, conceived in slavery. Children are groomed for exploitation from an early age.

These 35 women and children are locked in a cage of poverty and generational exploitation. They know no other life and have no idea other options for employment exist. Many of them, like 17-year-old Nadia, say they would love a different life if they knew another way to provide for their families.

We are taking action to unlock that cage and give these women and children a sustainable life that demonstrates their true value. Our expert traumatologists and psychologists have determined a key first step. We must start with a series of trauma-informed retreats.

That’s what we’re preparing to do. We will take these 35 survivors to our world-class Sanctuary. It is our healing village designed with restoration in mind. Here, survivors will receive medical attention and trauma-informed therapies like group therapy, body movement, art and equine therapies. We will also utilize neurofeedback, which physically reduces trauma in the brain.

Through the retreats, these 35 survivors will learn that they have value and are worthy of more. They will begin to taste real love and care. They will learn that there are other viable options for employment and lifestyle. Soon, the doors of freedom will be open to them.

We want to see each of these 35 women and children living healthy, sustainable lives. It’s time to unlock the cage for these gems and the generations after them once and for all.

You hold the key. Let’s swing the door to freedom wide - first for these 35 Diamonds, and then for hundreds more.

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