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2 Survivors Defeated Traffickers

The tragic reality is that a survivor is extremely vulnerable after she escapes. She may not know anyone nearby or speak the local language. Usually, she’s stuck in the same city where she was trafficked. Even worse, her trafficker is usually still out there, roaming free, maybe even hunting her. We know traffickers know how to exploit the legal system, just like they exploit women and children. That’s why we make sure that survivors get legal support as part of their First Steps to Freedom. We’ve had to step in and offer survivors legal defense from traffickers multiple times. Just a few weeks ago, we saw a trafficker sue 2 successful survivors, trying to extract money from them.

Narcisa and Milena had been free for about two years. They had reunited with their children. After intensive healing, they had each started small businesses.

Narcisa was a seamstress, and Milena was a hairdresser. Somehow, their trafficker heard that they had become successful and had money. He found them, and sued them for breach of contract. You see, they had signed a contract years before to travel to another country for employment at a hotel. Of course they never made it to the hotel. They were brutally trafficked for 2 years before being freed. Now, the trafficker was trying to exploit them once again. Our legal team sprang into action, defending Narcisa and Milena. During the trial, Narcisa looked her trafficker squarely in the face and said this:

“Have you ever imagined an angel without wings? Look at me: I am one of them. You tore my wings and never felt a shred of regret about it. Now, people have given me my wings back and I am flying, you dare to come and try to make money on me.” The judge cried. Narcisa and Milena won, our legal team standing by their sides. Can you imagine what would have happened if they didn't have anywhere to turn when their trafficker sued them? He could have ruined their lives all over again. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Support and encouragement from people like you makes it possible for Uncaged to step in, defend, and provide for survivors like Narcisa and Milena. Today, I invite you to help dozens of survivors like them take their first steps to freedom.

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