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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Hi Friends,

You already know that we have gathered an amazing team of experts and professionals who are making Uncaged a world-class solution to the evil of Human Trafficking. We wanted to introduce you to our key partner are the ground, Beni Lup.

A man, Beniamin Lup, reads from the Bible with glasses in his hand.
Beni reads a message of hope from the Bible in a video

You heard about him in our last update as the man orchestrating six Survivors’ release from prison. As part of our team, he and his wife Rodica have been working tirelessly to rescue and place survivors in Romania.

Beni has an incredible story of his own. He grew up being persecuted as a Christian in Communist Romania. The danger was so great that even his Christian Parents did not know where the youth Bible Study he attended was held. As a young adult, he was discovered and arrested for being a Christian. While awaiting trial (and likely execution), the people of Romania revolted and overthrew the despotic government just eleven days before his trial!

Since that miraculous deliverance, he’s been committed to freeing others from bondage. He served as the chair of the Romanian Committee of Labor and Social Protection in parliament, and he currently serves as a country representative with the Alliance Defending Freedom focusing on preventing Human Trafficking.

We got connected to Beni through his organization, Bridge to Europe. Law enforcement in Romania calls Beni when they have a Human Trafficking Survivor in custody. Then, Beni works to get the Survivor emergency medical care, housing, and trauma counseling through his Christian network. About 87% of women who Beni & Rodica have served have been successfully restored to society.

Still, Beni says that placing Survivors in safe homes is the biggest challenge. He can’t wait for the Sanctuary to be fully operational - it will go a long way to providing the wraparound care these Survivors need for restoration.

Will you join our team, too? Prayerfully consider making a gift to make The Sanctuary a reality!

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Hi Friends,

My heart is rejoicing today. In fact, it’s almost bursting out of my chest!

We are thrilled to announce that six young women are about to experience FREEDOM! Our partner on the ground in Romania, Beni Lup, is in the process of rescuing six women from a government shelter, where they’ve languished for over a year. The ladies are between the ages of 21 and 26. They will be placed with pastors’ families, where they will be safe and have their basic needs met.

It is our hope that these six women may be some of the first to enter our Sanctuary — a place of peace and safety where they will have access to trauma therapy, medical care, spiritual care, education and vocational training. The ultimate goal? To see them restored and reintegrated into society as happy, healthy, productive people.

We are getting close. We have found the ideal property for our first Sanctuary. It has housing and program buildings already constructed on site, with plenty of room for expansion. There are agricultural opportunities that will provide vocational training and immediate income to assist with operating costs.

God continues to open doors as we work through all the necessary details. We are so close to seeing this dream become a reality. We have the strategy. We have constructed the operating budget, and we have the potential land. We are finalizing our comprehensive campaign strategy and I’m excited to share more in the coming weeks. May I invite you to pray about how you might support our first Sanctuary, which will serve hundreds of trafficking survivors.

I thank you for your encouragement, concern and support!

We hold the keys to freedom!

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Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Hello Friends, It becomes clearer and clearer to me why we are being so strongly called to open our first Sanctuary village in Romania.  Our team there recently met with more than 20 anti-trafficking organizations at the European Freedom Network Conference in Italy. They were shocked to learn that Romanians are the most trafficked people in all of Europe — over 65 percent of survivors being rescued are from Romania and Moldova!

Beni and Rodica Lupe from our team in Romania

The reality is that the government of Romania is struggling to stem the tide. In fact, the country was just downgraded on the State Department’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) watchlist. That designation means that while they are trying, the government is still failing to meet even the minimum standards for eliminating human trafficking. While this is terrible news for Romania, I think it opens an incredible opportunity for Uncaged. With our model and our resources, I believe we can assist the government in powerful ways. For instance, when we visited in January, a government official asked us to help with a nationwide trafficking awareness campaign.

I am in Italy right now, and the Lord keeps bringing victims right in front of my eyes. As we drove down the highway the other day, I saw several young ladies on the side of the highway. One was doubled over in just her undergarments and high heels, in desperate need. The other night at dinner, I unknowingly sat right across the street from a brothel. It was hard to eat as I watched the traffickers and johns circling these women. It was heart-breaking. This makes me desperate to get the first Sanctuary up and running. We want to create a place of peace and safety where survivors, like the young ladies I saw on the side of the highway, have access to everything they need — trauma therapy, spiritual care, medical attention, education, vocational training ... even things like music, art and physical therapies. We believe they can be healed and restored and reintegrated in to society where they will make a difference! An incredible opportunity is taking shape, and I have great news to share about first Sanctuary. But you will have to wait for the next eblast to hear more ...

Until then, thank you for your support and encouragement. Please continue to pray for us, and for the survivors.

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