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Child Trafficking Survivors Thrive with Holistic Care

When a child like Snowy comes into our care, we know they need a cocoon of complete safety and healing. Restoration is possible! I want to give you an inside look on our world-class model to unlock transformation.

Usually, child survivors come to us when one of our anti-trafficking partners calls us in. Our international coalition of freedom fighters includes government agencies, churches, law enforcement, health professionals, and more. They know we specialize in caring for survivors. Offering special support for children is still pretty rare. A member of our team personally comes to retrieve the child. Often, we will bring a gift that includes items like dolls, clothes, or snacks. We want to these little ones to know we are safe.

Then, we match the child with a hand-selected family ready to take her in. At the same time, we spend a significant amount of time getting to know the child so we can craft the perfect healing journey. Over the next few years, we make sure she is getting the education, healthcare, and fun she deserves. We welcome the child and her family to our Sanctuary for trauma therapy, art therapy, equine therapy, and a wide variety of other support.

Like you, we want to see these dear children grow up with the love and resources they deserve. There's no greater joy than seeing a child survivor like "Daniela" light up and become a kid again. Stories like Daniela are why we're in this fight together. As you read her story, I want you to know that your support and encouragement is what makes these moments possible. We hold the keys to freedom!

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