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Ending the evil of child sex trafficking means learning how it operates. The UN recently estimated that 47% of trafficking survivors in Central Europe are children. Trafficking a child is unfathomable to most of us, it can be hard to understand how it happens. Snowy is one of dozens of child survivors we have worked with. Her story shows us some of the factors that lead to a child being trafficked: addiction, poverty, abuse, and more. Sadly, her family had a role in trafficking her. Up to 35% of children trafficked for sexual exploitation have a parent orchestrating the abuse.

Knowing what makes children like Snowy vulnerable also tells us how to protect them. It's why at Uncaged, we take a holistic approach to prevention and healing. Right now, we are collaborating with an international coalition on a strategy to end child trafficking. We are creating policies to recognize vulnerable children. We are investing in education so parents know how to protect their children from traffickers. We are working to make sure families have better options than selling their children. And yes, we are bringing children to safety when they need somewhere to go. Your support makes all of this work possible.

Snowy's story is ultimately one of HOPE because of people like you. It takes an army of abolitionists to find these children, protect them, give them the care they need. People like you stepped in to bring healing to Snowy. People like you are making sure children like Snowy never experience the horrors of trafficking. Let's equip ourselves for this fight. Watch Snowy's story knowing that we hold the keys to freedom! We can be the generation that ends this evil.

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As I talk to the 58 survivors we’ve identified across Europe, they tell me the most incredible stories. They are stories full of pain, deception, and unthinkable cruelty. Their stories also show deep resilience and heroism.

I want to share the story of one survivor with you. Let’s call her “Ramona.” When she was in her early 20s, she was a student at the local University. She met another young woman there who wasn’t a student. This other woman formed a “friendship” with Ramona. Soon, this “friend” introduced her to a man who treated her like a queen. Once they had been dating for a while, this man invited her on a romantic trip in Western Europe. Ramona accepted.

“That’s where my nightmare began,” Ramona told us. The man she thought was her boyfriend turned out to be her trafficker. For the next two years, Ramona endured unimaginable conditions and abuse. For much of the time, she was trapped on a boat where people would come to exploit her.

One day, Ramona’s trafficker took her into the city. Ramona seized her chance! She found a police officer and reported what was happening to her - that she was a slave, that her life was in danger.

Thankfully, the police officer believed her. He took Ramona to safety and investigated her trafficker. Soon, they arrested the trafficker for enslaving Ramona and 28 other women. That’s right - 28 other women went free because of Ramona’s bravery. She is a hero.

Ever since, Ramona has been tucked away in a safehouse where she says “a wonderful team takes care of me.” This safehouse is part of our Freedom Highway network. When they realized Ramona was Romanian, they called our team in Europe.

Now, Ramona’s dream is to unlock her future back in Romania. “My desire is to return to my homeland Romania and see my family and friends again. I know that life is not ever going to be the same, but I know that if I was able to escape from hell, I will surely succeed in creating a new path for my life.”

Ramona has already brought freedom to others. Now, she's ready to build a new life. We have the honor of making that dream come true by unlocking her transformation.

For just $16,000 per year, we can provide Ramona with everything she needs to heal at the Sanctuary. She will receive world-class, trauma-informed care for everything from her body, mind, and spirit. Soon, we will see her back in school and ready to live the life she was destined for.

I cannot think of any greater honor than getting to walk with heroic women like Ramona. Your generosity makes it possible for us to bring healing for her and each of the 58 women waiting across Europe.

We hold the keys to unlock her future.


Kim Westfall

PS, We are focused on these 58 women, but the truth is we are hearing of more survivors who need our care every day. Keep praying that God makes a way to bring hundreds of these precious survivors to our doors.

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These 58 souls are currently tucked away in safe homes throughout Europe. As soon as the Covid travel bans lift our goal is to be ready to receive them.

Will you join us today and sponsor one survivor on her healing journey? It takes just $32,000 to bring one survivor through a holistic healing journey in two years. A gift of $32 or $320 goes towards bringing an eternity of restoration.

Together, we are unlocking the futures of 58 women. Will you join us today?

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