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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Hello Friends,

I wanted to share about some of the significant partnerships budding in Romania. During our trip this past January, we solidified core relationships with agricultural universities, both local and international. We connected with experts in agronomy, the science of managing our land and producing crops.

These folks have already done an initial assessment of the property of the first Sanctuary. During this time of quarantine, they’re helping us understand the best agricultural practices to use. They’re even offering to provide us interns and researchers to get started once the travel bans lift! It’s amazing to see how one partnership can cascade into so many opportunities.

These agronomy initiatives will serve our survivors in a variety of ways. We’ve started planting a meditation and sensory garden designed to soothe the effects of trauma. Survivors will practice vocational skills as they help tend the land, skills that will travel with them long after they leave the Sanctuary. Our local University partners even want to develop a program to give survivors an official certificate in agronomy.

We love the idea of survivors tasting the fruits of their labor - blueberries, strawberries, honey from bees. These women will finally have a chance to do honoring work and enjoy what it produces. What a beautiful picture of restoration!

Equally exciting is that these new partners have vast local connections. Their support increases our access to anti-trafficking experts and officials throughout Europe. We are growing our capacity for building an anti-trafficking movement: first in Romania, and then around the globe.

Your prayers and encouragement are paving the way for these connections - I feel them! Together, we're swinging the door to freedom wide open.

PS. We are celebrating the fact that we have the Sanctuary almost paid off! We only have $410,000 to go!  If you are interested in helping us finish this please contact Kim today.

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Hi Friends, 

I’m writing to share a story that makes my heart so full. Last year, I had the opportunity to sit with Mihaela, a recently freed survivor, and her six-year-old daughter to talk about her hopes for their lives. It’s possible that our conversation was the first time anyone acted like her future could mean something. Mihaela is a member of an incredibly marginalized ethnic minority group, the Roma people. You have probably heard of this group before. They've long been called "gypsies," but many Roma people consider that word an insult now. About 90% of them live in poverty. Some say it’s the worst social stigma a person can have in Romania.

Eventually, Mihaela’s eyes lit up and she told me, “I would really love to sew. Maybe one day I could even own my own sewing machine shop.” While she spoke, I noticed her daughter looking up at her.

Mihaela wants to train more survivors to sew and make masks. The other survivors are ready, they just need the supplies to start working with her. It takes about $1000 to provide a survivor with a sewing machine, fabric, thread, and training. These investments have a double impact: survivors will give back to the community in this time of need, and they will build skills to sustain themselves financially.  Can I ask you to consider empowering a survivor today and investing in their economic independence?

You’ve already unlocked transformation for Mihaela, and now she’s serving hundreds of people. Let’s multiply her incredible impact by equipping more survivors like her.  

We are so thankful to have you as part of our foundation. The entire Uncaged team is setting aside time to pray for our incredible supporters every Monday, and we'd love to pray for you and your family. Would you tell us how we can pray for you? It would be our honor.

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Hey Friends,  Even in the midst of this crisis, we feel so blessed. We believe that God has positioned us for “such a time as this," and we are getting together virtually every Monday afternoon to pray as we move forward. We are grateful to be nimble, without excessive payroll and operating expenses. During this time, we can continue to invest in our program elements. Without overwhelming you with information, I will say, there is a lot going on!

I thought I’d share a few ways we are using this “down time” of quarantine:

1. Our experts continue to create an optimal, trauma-informed program. We will implement it as soon as this crisis is over. These circumstances are allowing us to dig in and spend additional time designing this critical component. 2. As you have heard, we now have the title to the Sanctuary land! We officially took possession on April 1. Luckily, we identified necessary improvements to the property during our trip to Romania earlier this year. We are now equipping our 2 existing caretakers to work through these items in the coming months. Looks like they will have plenty of time on their hands to pour attention into the first Sanctuary.

3. We are working with recently freed survivors. We are leading efforts to keep them safe in their current locations while making arrangements in Romania for their eventual return. 4. We have been approached by NGOs in 4 different European countries seeking our partnership. They have said, “We have access to many Romanian Survivors. We would like to work with you to coordinate efforts for these survivors to return to their country.” We are building relationships with these groups and initiating these important conversations. We believe there will be an influx of survivors as soon as the travel bans are lifted. We want to be ready!

We are blessed to help precious souls like Natala. She recently shared with us, “I can dream again, and I’ve got courage. I am not afraid. I have new dreams and hope.” Words like hers remind us why we are passionately doing this work. Thank you for making it possible. As I mentioned before, we are praying each week, and we are praying for our partners more than ever these days. Please feel free to share specific requests with us, if you haven’t already. We would be honored to pray for you.

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