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We want to see Romania become a Tier 1 country in the 2022 global Trafficking In Persons (TIP) report. 


Right now, Romania is the biggest source of sex trafficking survivors in Europe. 78% of sex trafficking survivors rescued in Europe are from either Romania or Moldova. 50% of these Survivors are children.


Because of patterns like these, Romania is a Tier 2 Watch List country in the US State State Department’s most recent TIP report.  The designation means human trafficking is still a rampant issue in the nation and much more work needs to be done.


The Romanian Government is ready for change, and we are, too! That’s why we’re fighting to help Romania become a Tier 1 country by 2022. They’re asking for support. They need partners worldwide to raise awareness, and for experts to lead the way in showing how to care for survivors. 


We are answering the call -- and your voice is key to having the greatest possible impact.


Uncaged provides holistic, trauma-informed care for survivors using our Sanctuary model.


Our wraparound program contains all of the elements that the TIP report identifies as crucial to healing survivors like comprehensive medical care and connection to community. 


Before tackling trafficking in other desperate parts of the world, we are starting with Europe.


Our presence in Romania builds local capacity to stop trafficking before it happens through prevention strategies. And we step in to heal survivors.


Our team of experts is demonstrating the highest standard of care for governments across the continent.


Your pledge to unlock transformation builds momentum for global anti-human trafficking. By signing this pledge, you are helping a global hotspot take action and stamp out trafficking.


Your voice helps NGOs like Uncaged show the global demand for freedom. You can accelerate the Romanian government’s ability to make a change by demonstrating that people around the world:


  1. Know about the realities of Human Trafficking in Romania 

  2. Care about the realities of Human Trafficking in Romania 

  3. Want to see change, and will keep raising their voices until they do!


As citizens of the Developed World, we know our voices can carry extra weight on the global stage. Countries around the world look to our nations to set the example.


You can be the key now. Use the power of your voice to help anti-trafficking organizations like Uncaged partner with the Romanian government. 


Signing the pledge means that you are:


  1. Joining a global coalition to end human trafficking. 

  2. Committing to use your power and influence to protect hundreds of thousands of lives.

  3. Creating sustainable anti-trafficking movements by empowering on-the-ground organizations to work with local governments. 

  4. Strategically battling human trafficking worldwide. Romania is the epicenter of trafficking in Europe. Signing this pledge means you’re cutting off Human Trafficking in Europe at its root.




I will honor the value of each human trafficking survivor by lifting my voice against human trafficking. 


I believe in the resilience of trafficking survivors and their unique gifts for the world. I will support their healing with my thoughts, prayers, words, and actions.


I will raise my voice against human trafficking, in Romania and worldwide. I will not be satisfied until human trafficking is eliminated.


Recognizing that survivors deserve the best care, I will fortify the transformational work of NGOs and organizations like Uncaged who are working to restore survivors.


I know that as a free person, I hold the keys to the freedom for people still in slavery.

why sign the pledge

  1. Strengthen the anti-trafficking movement worldwide by making a public declaration to eliminate trafficking. 

  2. Let your voice be heard as we use this list to build momentum in Romania with local partners and government.

  3. Get exclusive insights on the battle to restore trafficking survivors in Europe.

  4. Receive personal guidance on ways you can help end human trafficking today.