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Freedom Butterfly

A survivor drew her own version of our Freedom Butterfly during an art therapy session.

Leading Art Therapy

Artist Jessie Roseberry leads an exercise during an art therapy session with survivors.

Words of Love

Art therapy materials spread out on the table. Each word and material was meant to invoke love.

Beauty of Healing

One survivor works with watercolors to depict beauty during one art therapy exercise.

Wall of Hope

Survivors selected quotes that filled them with hope for their futures. Together, they built a wall of hope by placing them side by side.

Saying Hello to Freedom

A survivor holds up a finished greeting card. Creative exercises are powerful for healing from trauma.

Choosing Her Expression

A survivor carefully selects an item for her collage. Giving survivors chances to make choices is key to healing from slavery - where choice is often taken.

Lasting Encouragement

A survivor pastes a meaningful quote inside her art therapy journal for safe-keeping.

Animal Therapy

Our trained therapy dog, Pine, attended the entire retreat. Connecting with animals like Pine helps survivors re-learn how to trust in relationship.

A Bright Future

A survivor admires her watercolor alongside a passage that inspires her.

Poster of Freedom

Survivors created posters to express their hopes for their futures.

A Sweet Welcome

Survivors received care packages upon arrival, including gourmet cookies like these. The retreat aimed to make them feel seen and safe.

A Finished Piece

A survivor's finished piece of art lays out to dry after an art therapy session.

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