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We Need People Like You at Our Side

Last month we shared BIG news that the Sanctuary in Romania is paid off. This tremendous step for freedom is only possible because we have incredible people at our side. Today, we want to share with you about one family who has been instrumental in unlocking the Sanctuary for survivors.

The Brittons own a manufacturing company in the midwest. They had known our founder, Kim Westfall, for years when God began placing the plight of survivors on Kim’s heart. One day, they were attending an event together when Kim began to share her passion for human trafficking with the Brittons.

“It was an immediate connection because my husband’s niece and her husband had been church planters in a Western European country where trafficking was very prevalent. As part of their church plant, they had a coffee shop where they hired young women who were coming out of the sex trade,” says Jan Britton.

The conversation with Kim left a deep impression on the Brittons. Jan and her husband, Rick, began to explore the mission of Uncaged more deeply. The vision of the Sanctuary struck a deep chord with them in particular. “When Kim found the Sanctuary, the property was perfect, and the buildings were almost exactly what designers had envisioned for Uncaged. Except it was here, already built and ready. It was clear that God had brought it together.”

Faith has been an essential motivator for the Brittons. They keenly look for what God is doing in the world and generously seek to join in. Partnering with Uncaged has only enriched their faith journey, says Jan. “I always enjoy the stories of transformation that we hear from the survivors. Now, I’m looking forward to hearing more about all of the different therapies that will be offered to the survivors. It’s amazing how God put the mind together and the tools we have to heal and transform people.”

When thinking about the future of Uncaged, Jan hopes to see even more people come to participate in the work God is doing in Europe. “Kim and Uncaged have a calling to help these women and children. Every step of the way, I’ve seen that God has prepared the people and the resources that position Uncaged to help a lot of women for a long time. Whatever you can do to be a part of that will be amplified a hundredfold.

With your help, we can unlock transformation for trafficking survivors and work towards ending human trafficking once and for all!

Will YOU be the key?

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