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In the Midst of Chaos, Hope and Healing Continues

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

A few weeks ago the violence was beginning in Ukraine. As soon as we heard traffickers were showing up at the border, a member of our team drove straight there to help. But this was only after he drove 1400 miles each way to conduct an operation that freed 2 women!

Sophie and Amina, both age 24, were trapped in a cycle of exploitation in another country before we helped them escape. A member of our Freedom Highway was there to support them as they received medical care. This anti-trafficking advocate brought them flowers in the hospital and encouraged them.

Sophie and Amina are now back home and being placed into an apartment. The apartment is owned by a member of the Freedom Highway who lives right next door. Our team purchased food for them and is helping them settle in. Despite their battered bodies, their spirits were not broken. They are taking their first steps toward restoration.

We are seeing the same spirit in the Ukrainians crossing borders to escape the war in their country. Our team continues to support them. Just this week, a member of our team helped a group of Ukrainians safely enter another country, where a church was offering shelter to the refugees. In one amazing connection, he learned that one of the Refugees was an attorney we’ll call Daryna. She had been fighting against human trafficking in Ukraine!

This week, Daryna will meet with Sophie and Amina to help them with paperwork. In spite of the war in the region, two survivors and a lawyer come together in a third country to support each other. What a powerful example of unity and the network of advocates it takes to end human trafficking!

When you support Uncaged you are bringing hope to many amid chaos. You are helping build a network fighting trafficking that nothing will stop. Will you join us and put even more people on the path to healing?

You hold the keys!

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