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Hope in the Midst of COVID-19

Hi Friends, 

I’m writing to share a story that makes my heart so full. Last year, I had the opportunity to sit with Mihaela, a recently freed survivor, and her six-year-old daughter to talk about her hopes for their lives. It’s possible that our conversation was the first time anyone acted like her future could mean something. Mihaela is a member of an incredibly marginalized ethnic minority group, the Roma people. You have probably heard of this group before. They've long been called "gypsies," but many Roma people consider that word an insult now. About 90% of them live in poverty. Some say it’s the worst social stigma a person can have in Romania.

Eventually, Mihaela’s eyes lit up and she told me, “I would really love to sew. Maybe one day I could even own my own sewing machine shop.” While she spoke, I noticed her daughter looking up at her.

Mihaela wants to train more survivors to sew and make masks. The other survivors are ready, they just need the supplies to start working with her. It takes about $1000 to provide a survivor with a sewing machine, fabric, thread, and training. These investments have a double impact: survivors will give back to the community in this time of need, and they will build skills to sustain themselves financially.  Can I ask you to consider empowering a survivor today and investing in their economic independence?

You’ve already unlocked transformation for Mihaela, and now she’s serving hundreds of people. Let’s multiply her incredible impact by equipping more survivors like her.  

We are so thankful to have you as part of our foundation. The entire Uncaged team is setting aside time to pray for our incredible supporters every Monday, and we'd love to pray for you and your family. Would you tell us how we can pray for you? It would be our honor.

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