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Walk With Survivors to Freedom

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

She is excelling in school now, but her life could have looked very different than it does today. Just last week, we shared a little bit with you about Annebelle and how her dreams are being restored. She has a long road of healing ahead of her, but her first steps have begun.

Just like Annabelle, there are thousands of survivors that need to take her first steps to transformation. When a girl is rescued from traffickers, this is only the beginning. When our team first encounters a survivor, her needs are great. They arrive with shattered hearts, minds, and psyches. After being physically free, there is a long way to go before being fully transformed. For most survivors, the first steps are medical treatment, emergency care, and legal counsel. Recently two survivors came to us beaten so badly they were unable to travel and required hospitalization. Often girls arrive covered in lice. For most of us, we take things like a clean shower or being able to go to the doctor for granted. We expect these basic necessities of care to be available to us. For a survivor, these are gifts that are life-giving. And we want to be able to give all these gifts to these precious souls! Often survivors often have legal needs when they encounter our team. They need protection from their traffickers, who do not want to let their sources of income go! They often do not have the documents they need to travel and restart their lives. We can even work with them to see justice done in some cases! Our team is working hard to see that survivors have all they need to take their first steps. At The Sanctuary, we will continue to walk alongside these women and girls to make sure they have all the support they need to stay free and thrive!

Won’t you help us walk with survivors, like Annabelle, in their first days and for years to come?

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