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How One Trafficking Survivor Freed Another

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

One man is FREE from trafficking thanks to another survivor's bravery.

Jaelle is the survivor we recovered at a gas station a few weeks ago. She was helping the police find a network of traffickers and release 16 other survivors when she became very sick. The trauma of re-telling her story was too much. She was taken to the hospital.

After 5 days of intense treatment, she was strong enough to finish telling her story to investigators. Our team took her back to the police station. When they arrived, a lady was at the police stations crying out loud, "Please help me, please help me with my son."

One of our team members went to see how we could help her.

It turns out this woman's son was 32 years old and had been working abroad for 3 years. In June, he called home to tell his mother he was coming home. That was the last time she heard from him.

She appealed to all the police she met. She wrote to the embassy. She prayed at every church and monastery she could find. Nothing happened for five long months.

Just as she finished, our team member got a call from a partner in the country where the woman's son was. He told our partner about the woman's son. Soon, we were connected with somebody working at the embassy. They began to search for her son.

Within 24 hours, we received a video of the woman's son. He had been trafficked by his godfather, who stole all of his money and said he owed a debt of more than 25,000 euros. The woman's son was being trafficked - forced to beg and pick pockets at a train station.

Our team sprang into action. We have arranged with the partner to get this young man back home. Our police partners will greet him and take him to one of our ministry partners. There, he can be cared for and reunited with his mother.

You have been praying for Jaelle's restoration. Your prayers have been answered but more than that, Jaelle has now been a part of rescuing someone else from trafficking.

Jaelle's journey started when our European Director stopped and rescued her from a parking lot. Once free, she wanted to help free others. She was bold enough to testify about her trafficker. Her testimony is helping us locate 16 more survivors. Then, her bravery in giving her testimony opened the door to another man's deliverance.

Jaelle's story shows that each one of us can hold the key to another person's freedom. You hold the key, too.

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