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Freedom Ripples Outwards

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

1 survivor is free! Just a couple of days ago, our European Director pulled into a truck stop off of the highway. He saw a young woman who looked afraid and unkempt being approached by a truck driver.

He went over to assess the situation and quickly found out that the woman was from far away. She didn't want to clearly explain how she got to the truck stop or who was with her.

Our director immediately connected with a Freedom Highway member, a Law Enforcement officer who was on duty nearby. She arrived and took the girl into custody in order to get away from her "customer" and any of her traffickers who were nearby.

Once the young woman was safe with us, she shared that she was being trafficked. Even more, she told our team about a house nearby where 16 other survivors are still being kept and sold for exploitation.

Right now, we are celebrating freedom for this precious soul. Within days, the authorities we were working with had found and taken down her trafficker. Now, we are crafting a plan to bring the other 16 women being trafficked to safety. Pray for God to be close to them as we fight for their freedom, too!

Freedom always ripples outwards and grows. 1 survivor can bring freedom to a dozen, or even dozens more. We've seen it before. We will see it again. It's how we know that working to scale our anti-trafficking efforts will throw the door to freedom wide open. It's why we're focused on blanketing the continent of Europe in anti-trafficking efforts. We're going to find these precious souls and let freedom roll out like a wave.

Your support and encouragement is raising an army of people who can recognize trafficking and know how to intervene. We hold the keys to freedom!

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