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How Generosity Stops Trafficking: Empowering Professionals to Give Trauma-Informed Care

When you support organizations like Uncaged, you are directly helping to end the horrors of sex trafficking. One of the most powerful ways to keep survivors free is to give them optimal care after rescue. This means assembling a team of expert specialists who can journey with survivors.

It takes an exceptional freedom fighter (like you!) to see this large vision and commit to it. It’s why we’re so grateful for people like our donor, “Lee Davidson.” We want to highlight his enormous impact for restoration today as an example of how powerful one person can be in the fight against trafficking.

Lee grew up in a joyful house. Even as a kid, his parents’ deep generosity touched him. “Whenever they got an extra bonus or gift, their first thought was ‘how do I give this away?’” he remembers. He often wondered if that was why they were so joyful.

He first encountered sex trafficking when he was in ministry. He and his wife connected with women in their local area who were working in the “adult entertainment industry.” As his family got to know the women, he and his wife realized how hungry for love many of the women were.

“We wanted to make them feel loved and valued, so we started hosting a special Christmas dinner party for them at our house every year,” Lee says. “We would give them gifts and personalized handwritten letters. We’d play games and dote on them. I remember a lot of them saying that I was the first pastor they ever spoke with in their whole lives.”

For years, Lee would get regular updates about these women. He knew that the road to recovery could be bumpy for survivors, especially if they didn’t have a lot of support.

“Sex trafficking isn’t an issue you throw money at and then women’s lives are magically fixed,” Lee shares. “They need to work through the trauma and integrate into a community where they sense genuine love. In a way, that’s really what lets them start over.”

When he heard Kim Westfall share the vision of Uncaged, he got excited. Here was a chance to show that same love and care for survivors, just like his family had done during those Christmas parties.

Then one day, Lee accepted what he thought was a volunteer position. To his great surprise, he learned that the position offered a generous salary.

Like his parents, Lee knew he wanted to use the unexpected funds to bless a high-impact organization each year. We were shocked and honored when he chose Uncaged as the first of these organizations. Thanks to his generosity, we knew it was finally possible to bring Dr. Vanessa Snyder on board as our international program director.

When he heard the news, Lee was filled with joy. “My first thought was ‘this is awesome!’” Lee laughs, “Knowing that this incredibly talented lady is able to use a skill set that I don’t have to love on survivors, it’s amazing. It gives me incredible joy. I’m convinced anything we give becomes much more when it’s placed in the hands of God.”

We cannot express the fullness of our gratitude for donors like Lee. His heart for survivors will leave a lasting legacy; it will beat every day in our trauma-informed program. Generosity like yours, like Lee’s, goes a long way to stop sex trafficking. People like you pave the way for professionals like Dr. Vanessa Snyder to create research-driven care plans. Every survivor who graduates from our program will thrive because of people like him, and people like you.

Thank you for your support and encouragement of Uncaged. Truly, you are helping to end the effects of sex trafficking and giving survivors the utmost care.

If you want to learn how you can leave a lasting legacy in the fight against trafficking, click here to get in touch with Kim Westfall today.

We hold the keys to freedom!

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