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The Unicorn: Dr. Vanessa Snyder Joins Uncaged as Program Director

We are thrilled to introduce our (part-time) International Program Director, Dr. Vanessa Snyder.

As of September 1st, she is at the helm of creating our holistic trauma therapy program. For the last 2 years she has worked in a volunteer capacity (even traveled to Romania with Kim Westfall twice).

For over a decade, Dr. Snyder has specialized in treating complex trauma and sexual abuse. Her research and experience has placed special focus on survivors of commercial sex trafficking.

When Kim first met her over a year ago, she described what the role would entail. She asked Dr. Snyder, "What kind of person am I looking for in this position?"

Dr. Snyder answered, "A unicorn. You're looking for a unicorn."

Kim looked at her. "You're my unicorn," she thought. But she didn't say anything.

One week later, Dr. Snyder called Kim. She opened her mouth and said, "I think I'm your unicorn."

As we have gotten to know Dr. Snyder over the past year, we are confident that she has been ordained precisely for this position. Most recently, she has served as the Vice President of the Richmont Institute of Trauma & Recovery. For the past decade, she has counseled hundreds of people seeking healing for complex trauma, including those who have experienced sexual abuse. On top of these endeavors, Dr. Snyder led multiple trauma response teams to crises around the world. Her teams worked globally with trafficking survivors and disaster survivors.

When asked about her work, Dr. Snyder says, “This work has the capacity to be life-giving and life-changing. Ultimately, my desire is to see people set free and walk in the wholeness they were created to enjoy.”

We couldn't be more grateful to have found this unicorn who will unlock transformation for thousands of survivors!

Let's get these resilient and precious people free, and then let's keep them free. Your support and encouragement makes it possible.

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