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Hope Begins with You

All summer long, we’ve been sharing with you the horrible reality of 50 million people enslaved in our world today! This truly is a life and death situation.

As hard as it can be to face these facts, we believe it’s the first step in throwing open the doors to free survivors. The more you know, the better anti-trafficking advocate you can become, and we want to spread this knowledge.

Rescue is only the first step for trafficking survivors.

We must walk alongside her through the healing of complex trauma. It takes time, commitment, love, and the support of many people.

But she will begin to heal, see her worth, learn new skills, and learn to fly!

There is hope.

And it begins with you.

Stop for a minute and imagine the world of good YOU can do today. You can see it clearly in the lives of two survivors.

We are watching Tamara, who just found freedom this year, begin to find her way, thanks to partners like you. Hear her incredible story.

We have seen incredible transformation happening in Snowy’s life over the past four years! Read the most recent update on Snowy's healing journey.

If you've heard about the horrors of trafficking and you want to help, you can accomplish a lot this summer. If you don’t want to sit back and just let women and girls continue to live in bondage, you can unlock the cage!

Here's how you can unlock the cage in 2023:

Give $23

You could skip one fast-food meal out this week. Maybe you could do without a few extra lattes this month? Could you set aside $23 to impact the life of a human trafficking survivor instead? $23 might not sound like it can accomplish a lot, but check out this quick video to see just what your $23 can do this month when you partner with Uncaged!

Give $230

What good can $230 do in 2023? There’s still plenty of summer left for celebrations. Maybe you’re planning a backyard barbeque or a back-to-school bash. You’re likely to spend a couple hundred dollars on groceries and supplies for that. For the cost of one summer cookout for your friends and family, you could feed a human trafficking survivor for a month!

Give $2300

You can bring a survivor to The Sanctuary for an entire healing experience with a gift of $2300, paying for a four-week trauma-informed retreat!

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