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Trafficked in Your Own Home

Can you even imagine being trafficked in your own home, and by your husband?! This was the story for Talyssa. She had the courage to reach out and ask for help while evading her husband’s gaze. Our team swooped in and rescued Talyssa and her 2 precious children just days ago. Talyssa’s husband is an influential lawyer. He forced her to have sex with his friends and a variety of customers. He threatened that she’d be kicked out to live out on the streets if she didn’t. He would keep the kids and do God knows what with them. Talyssa did what he said. It may sound like she was naive, like she should have fought from the beginning, but the truth is she was severely manipulated and brainwashed. She feared for her children. Her husband would make his demands under the guise of ‘If you love me….” After exploiting her, Talyssa’s husband would bring her a rose. He thought it would wash away her trauma.

He forced her to sign documents that took all her assets. And then, from her earnings as a sex slave he was able to purchase 3 large apartments. Talyssa has never set foot in those apartments. Our team is investigating to see if they are being used to traffic other women like Talyssa. Right now, it seems like her husband could be part of a much broader trafficking ring. Talyssa’s nightmare began to end when a concerned church member notified our team. This is the power of knowing the signs of trafficking! The church member saw bruises on Talyssa’s neck and arms. We began to investigate. Discreetly, they found a way to get our information to Talyssa. She took the courageous step of reaching out to us when she saw an opportunity, and we were ready to act!

Your support not only rescued Talyssa but also her 2 small children. 3 lives saved. Now begins the hard work of restoration. Right now, they are broken physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. But we know Talyssa has the courage to survive and keep her children safe. Our ultimate goal is to see her healed, restored, with a sustaining career and stable life. With the right support, we know she will achieve it. We will keep you posted as this family of 3 progresses. You are unlocking the cage for women like Talyssa and her children.

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