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Talyssa Wins a Battle Against Her Trafficker

It may surprise to hear that Human Trafficking has everything to do with love. Anyone can be trafficked, but we know that people who need love are among the most vulnerable. Some studies have shown that over half of sex trafficking survivors ran way from home to escape broken or abusive homes. Young, rural women are often targeted, as are single mothers. And we know that traffickers deceive these women through promises of love through tactics like the Lover-Boy Method.

Talyssa thought she had found true love when she married her husband. He treated her like a queen at first. He was an influential lawyer. They had two beautiful children. Then, after years of marriage, Talyssa’s life became a nightmare. Her husband began to sell her for sexual exploitation out of their own home. He threatened that he would hurt her and the children if she spoke up.

Then, love stepped in. A neighbor noticed that Talyssa had bruises on her arms and neck. She saw that Talyssa’s demeanor had been changing, and that she saw the kids out less and less. This neighbor refused to stay silent and notified our team. She passed information to Talyssa about how to get in touch with us to plan an escape. Soon, we were able to get Talyssa and her two precious children to safety!

That was back in August. Talyssa has been on a journey of experiencing genuine love and care ever since. In October, after months of healing she told our team, “You have been with me when I thought I was alone. My heart was broken and my spirit was crushed. Then, you came along and cared for me. That is why I will not give up.”

Love has given her strength. She took her husband to court, our team at her side. Thanks to her resilience and newfound courage, she was able to celebrate a major victory just last week. She secured full custody of her children, and a judge has said that she will get to stay in her home - not her husband!

At Uncaged, we want every survivor to experience transformational love like Talyssa has. That love looks like wraparound support, trauma-informed care, and access to an army of freedom fighters who can stand by her side.

Your support is key to making sure that survivors experience this kind of love. Will you consider joining this fight and ensuring that survivors can know what true love is?

We have seen time and time again that it is the most powerful force for healing in the world.

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