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Taking Down an Online Trafficking Platform

In April, our Europe Team participated in an operation in Western Europe to take down a ring of traffickers who ran an online pornography network. The network had 400,000 users. Investigators said it was “one of the world’s largest platforms containing child sex abuse materials.”

We had seen this ring before. It turns out they were the same trafficking ring that exploited Oceana, one of the child survivors in our care right now.

Even more incredibly, this operation freed 3 more children from trafficking. During the operation, our team encountered a survivor who knew where other trafficking victims were being held. This survivor drew a map on a napkin to show our team how to locate them. Our team used the map to find 3 other children who were being exploited. They are safe now! Let’s take it a step further and bring these children the wraparound support they need for total restoration. It takes roughly $16,000 per year to provide holistic support to a survivor of any age. Support from people like you go towards providing everything from food and clothing to art therapy and medical care.

Will you prayerfully consider coming alongside Oceana and child survivors everywhere by supporting Uncaged? Support from people like you goes towards providing everything from food, medical care, clothing to trauma informed therapies such as art and equine therapy. Together, we are bringing freedom and transformation to hundreds, even thousands of captives.

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