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Some Great News to Celebrate

Woohoo! I know that doesn’t sound very professional and is a strange feeling in the midst of a pandemic, but that is how I am feeling today! While in Romania this past January, I learned about a significant opportunity to apply for EU funding by March 20th. When I heard about it, I knew those grants would help us open the Sanctuary much sooner than we’d ever imagined. I was thrilled.

The only problem was that we would need to acquire the title to the first Sanctuary site almost a year ahead of our original plan in order to qualify. I came home on February 7th knowing we had to raise a whopping $600,000 in less than 6 weeks. It seemed impossible. But we knew that if we were able to find the investments, we would be able to receive our final accreditation from the Romanian government much sooner than expected. We could start receiving survivors and unlocking transformation more quickly than we’d dreamed! So we worked hard and prayed harder. You prayed and worked with us. And guess what: within 30 days, we received the full amount! God continues to blow our minds. We are celebrating His goodness and your generosity. Thank you for getting us this far. Please keep praying with us as we keep pushing forward. We have an ambitious goal of hosting several Survivors at the first Sanctuary this summer for a 3-week, trauma-informed retreat. We are praying that it will still be possible in light of the changing global situation. We will keep you posted as things develop. In the meantime, jump up and down, sing, cheer and celebrate what God has done!

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