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She Escaped. Then, She Helped Free 28 Others.

I believe in survivors. After working with over 100 courageous women and children just this year, I have seen that they are the key to bringing freedom to the captives. I have seen how bringing hope and restoration to one survivor can impact dozens, even hundreds more.

I think about Ramona. She was just 21 years old when her nightmare began. Her “boyfriend” invited her on a romantic getaway to Western Europe. Once they arrived, he sold her into slavery. She would be exploited for 2 years before making a narrow escape.

As soon as Ramona was out of her trafficker’s hands, she turned her attention to the fight for freedom. She went to the authorities and shared everything she knew about her trafficker. She cooperated with investigators. Our team was with her every step of the way.

Because of Ramona’s testimony and strength, the authorities were able to locate her trafficker. They arrested him and the entire ring that was connected to him. Even better, they found 28 other women and children who had been trafficked, too.

Thanks to Ramona’s courage, 28 precious souls have hope and healing today. Now, we are able to journey with Ramona to freedom and offer hope to these women and children, too.

Ramona was ready to fight for freedom. What gives her the strength to do it, after all she’s been through? Well, Ramona says it’s because she knows that there are people like you fighting with her.

“Knowing that I have friends and supporters around the world feels like a fresh glass of water on a hot day. I have been thirsty and hungry for healing. Now, I drink from the cup of freedom every day,” she told our team. You are one of those friends!

By supporting Uncaged, you have brought healing and practical support to heroes like Ramona. You are building an army of freedom fighters that can stand at her side. You are giving survivors strength and hope!

Will you invest in Ramona’s army today? Our team continues to support her physically and emotionally through our holistic approach. Your support and encouragement makes it possible.

Let’s bring hope and freedom to the captives!

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