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Raising an Army of Freedom Fighters

We can end this global scourge of sex trafficking. It’s why Uncaged exists. To make this vision real, we need abolitionists across the world who can recognize a survivor and get her to safety. We need guardians who can prevent human trafficking before these precious women and children are swept away!

We are proud to share that we are already working to activate a global network of freedom fighters. You may remember that we are partnering with dozens of anti-trafficking organizations across Europe. Together, we are advancing policies that will protect and restore survivors.

These big coalitions are key to our mission. We also know that every single individual has a part to play. Real people like you and me can make an enormous difference. We need to find and equip these on-the-ground freedom fighters.

So that’s exactly what we’re doing at the first Sanctuary! Just a few weeks ago, we hosted our first Freedom Summit at the property. Together with our Europe Director, 30 people gathered to create an anti-trafficking strategy for all of Europe. They even identified an alliance of Romanians who want to end trafficking and are already positioned throughout the continent. This alliance includes businessmen and women, professors, social workers, and experts from all walks of life.

The best part: the Freedom Summit attendees already have relationships with this alliance. They just need to coordinate with them to locate even more Romanian survivors.

One woman who joined the summit said, “I know so many people that are involved in networks for selling beauty products, foods, electronics and everything else. Why not make a network for taking care of people and their precious destinies? We need to gather around this vision and make it possible for as many people to receive the care and love they need.”

We couldn’t have said it better than this powerful abolitionist. While the travel bans are in place, survivors are stuck where they are. This means more suffering, but it also means we have a unique opportunity. We can locate survivors without worrying that they will disappear across borders.

Let’s seize this opportunity! We have already identified 58 survivors who are safe and waiting to come to the Sanctuary. Now, we are growing an army who can find even more survivors so we can finally bring them to safety.

Your support and encouragement makes it possible for us to equip freedom fighters. Let’s keep building this movement so we can identify hundreds, even thousands of survivors.

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