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Pray for Our Trip to Romania

Hey Friends,

Just a short update — and a request for prayer .

  But first, let me share something from one of the six trafficking survivors we recently rescued : "I am so thankful to be able to walk the streets of the village without the fear that people will mock me or want to abuse me. I go to the church, and people smile to me and pray for my family. I am still suffering, but someone carries the burden together with me. Thank you for believing for me. " Survivor, age 21

Aren’t we privileged to carry the burden with these brave women?

I am headed to Romania this month with a team of experts who will assist with a safety and security audit of the Sanctuary property that has been offered to us at a greatly discounted price.

We will assess what improvements must be made to the current construction to ensure safety for the survivors. We will also look at options for expanding the facilities in the future. There is so much possibility! We could literally care for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of survivors in the coming years.

While in Romania, we will be meeting with a contingent of leaders from various sectors: business people, government officials, law enforcement, pastors, educators, agriculturalists, lawyers .... people who are eager to support the work of Uncaged.

God is doing something exceptional in Romania. The momentum is incredible to see. Pray that we would find continued favor, provision and direction from Him.

We are grateful for your friendship and support. Please keep praying for us.

You hold the key to freedom!

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