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Let's Join Natalia's Army

It's time to bring hope to survivors by fighting for freedom alongside them!

Natalia is a survivor we have journeyed with for several months. Thanks to support from people like you, we were able to walk with her towards restoration. She healed with one of our hand-selected host families. With support from the Uncaged team, she started her own sewing business.

She was thriving until the unthinkable happened this summer. Her trafficker tried to sue her for breach of contract. He thought he could victimize her again.

He was wrong.

Natalia resisted his suit. She fought back. Thanks to support from people like you, we mobilized our network to make sure she had a legal team at her side. Then, she confronted her trafficker in court. You can hear what she said to him by clicking here.

Survivors like Natalia are fighting for freedom. It's time for us to join the army and fight with her. Your support ensures survivors like Natalia get critical care like medical attention, access to food, and legal support.

You hold the key to making sure she's strong enough to fight back. Click here to stand with survivors like Natalia today.

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