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Kim Westfall Featured on Unforgettable Conversations

Our founder Kim Westfall was recently featured on the podcast Unforgettable Conversations with Sandi Mckenna. Unforgettable Conversations introduces listeners to people from all walks of life, from experts in their fields to ordinary people who lead extraordinary lives. In each episode, host Mckenna takes a “deep dive” into real, raw, life-changing conversations. We were honored to hear Kim Westfall and the work of Uncaged featured!

Together they explore the realities of human trafficking, the incredible circumstances that birthed Uncaged, and how each person can take action in the fight against trafficking.

"It's a beautiful model we're seeing work with survivors of sex trafficking," says Kim in the conversation. "We see women being restored. The most incredible thing is that survivors are often so resilient. Many go through the program and go on to open businesses and lead incredibly successful lives. It's exciting to watch that."

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