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Bringing Freedom to 58 Survivors

Hi Friends,

I’ve spent these first few days of Women’s History Month hearing from the 58 trafficking survivors we want to bring to the first Sanctuary. They have lived through unimaginable horror. Somehow, they are determined to heal.

Survivors like Sorina feel ready to come to the Sanctuary! Earlier this week she told us, “My desire is to return to my homeland Romania. I know that life is not never going to be the same, but I have courage. I know that if I was able to escape from hell, I will succeed in creating a new path for my life.”

People like you hold the key to unlocking that new path for Sorina and 57 other survivors like her. We have the optimal place and the ideal trauma-informed program to heal them in just 2 years. Now we need to secure the funds for their restoration.

All it takes is an investment of $32,000 to take survivors like Sorina through a holistic healing journey. With your support, we can undo a lifetime of trauma in 2 short years.

Now is the time to come alongside Sorina and women like her.

She has already lived through hell and made a daring escape. She is free from her trafficker, and all she needs is a genuine chance at holistic healing. Together with Uncaged, you can make that happen.

Will you consider a gift towards her freedom? Investments of $32, $320, or even $3200 go towards providing counsel, transport, and wraparound care for each survivor.

Join me in bringing freedom for 58 survivors like Sorina. Her past is over. Let’s unlock her future.

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