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Bathed in Sunlight: A Bible Study on Human Trafficking

Thanks to you, our year has gotten off to an incredible start here at Uncaged. People like you helped us far surpass our fundraising goal to bring HOPE to hundreds of survivors in December! We know that these funds will unlock transformation for hundreds, even thousands of survivors.

Then, freedom fighters across the globe came together on January 11 for National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. We saw a wave of people standing up for survivors by wearing blue on social media. Like we say, human trafficking is run by organized crime, and now we are seeing the good guys get organized, too.

People like you are making these critical changes happen. Now, it’s time for us to seize this momentum and take even more steps to eradicate trafficking and unlock transformation for survivors. Which is why we want to offer you a gift today.

If you didn’t already know, it may not surprise you to hear that Uncaged is a faith-based organization. Our founder got involved in anti-trafficking efforts because she believe that everyone is precious in the eyes of God. She wanted to do something to make the world treat everyone as valuable and loved.

We have been doing a deep dive into the Scriptures to gain wisdom for the next phase of our work. After doing a deep dive for months, some key truths have surfaced. We wanted to share them with you, which is why we put together this bible study: Bathed in Sunlight.

Will you join us in listening to what God has for us in this next season? I know that together we can unlock transformation for hundreds, even thousands of survivors across the globe.

You can access the bible study here. If it’s meaningful to you, we hope you will share what you learn with us and with friends.

We hold the keys to freedom!

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