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A Vision of Healing in Romania

Hello Friends, I wanted to let you know that I am home safe and sound from Romania. Our time was incredibly productive and things are coming together beautifully. 

I thought I’d share a highlight from the trip. It’s one that captures why we’re doing this work: the hope of unlocking Survivors’ transformation.

You may remember Snowy. She was the first child we rescued back in January of this year, just nine months ago. While in Romania, I met her, and it was surreal. She came to us infested with lice, sold by her family, and abused in ways we cannot fathom.

She is now safe and sound in the home of a pastor’s family. She has the love of a mom and a dad. She has a little sister and a brother, and a dog named Sasha.

In the restaurant, she stood in front of me-- pink cheeks, a strong body, shy, sparkling eyes and a warm smile, looking as healthy as could be. She told me about school and how physics is her favorite class. I could hardly believe my eyes. She skipped around a restaurant with Beni’s daughter, tapping on the fish tank and playing with the fish.

While we ate together, her adoptive father turned to me and said, “Snowy didn’t know much when she came to us. She didn’t know the basic things a child should know. She didn’t even know personal hygiene. This girl has seen horrible things. She knows what pain is from A to Z. 

She has seen too much.

She has been through too much.

But God worked through you at just the right time. Now, we fight for her because she is our child. This is what we are supposed to do; it’s what we are called to do.”

In just nine months, Snowy has come a long way toward healing. Let’s see hundreds, even thousands of women and girls like Snowy brought into freedom!

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1 comentario

27 oct 2019

WONDERFUL reports Kim!!! Hard to read but wonderful to hear how God intervened! BG

Me gusta
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