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2 Anti-Trafficking Tools are Ready!

“My dream is to be restored. Then, I want to do everything I can to prevent other people from being trapped like I was.” - Tatiana, 23

After going free, many survivors say their goal is to protect others and find survivors. Survivors like Tatiana understand that we must locate people who are enslaved AND prevent others from being trafficked at the same time. This is how we eradicate human trafficking in our lifetime.

We are one step closer to launching this multi-pronged approach. We are thrilled to share that we have successfully translated 2 world-class anti-trafficking curricula into Romanian! Soon, we will use these to blanket Romania and beyond in trafficking prevention.

These are the 2 materials that will soon reach thousands of people:

1) S.P.E.A.K. Up - a curriculum designed specifically for school-age children and educators. It teaches kids how to keep themselves safe from traffickers. Educators learn how to keep children safe by spotting signs of trafficking. Up to 50% of trafficking survivors in Romania are minors. This tool could protect countless children. We have already begun educating students, and we are eager to add insights of S.P.E.A.K. Up across Romania and beyond.

2) Training for Healthcare Workers - you may recall we were selected to pilot a program equipping healthcare workers to spot trafficking survivors. Hospitals encounter millions of survivors. Up to 88% of survivors will seek medical care at some point. We have identified 2 strategic Eastern European countries where we can implement this model.

Soon, we will be able to establish anti-trafficking task forces within hospital systems!

These key programs will impact hundreds, even thousands, of lives as soon as we can roll them out. Together, they will keep children from being trafficked AND identify survivors so we can bring them to safety.

This is how we open the door to a world without slavery. We bring together the best resources in the world and take them to the epicenter of trafficking. Your support is what makes it possible.

Let’s swing the door to freedom wide!

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