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Human trafficking is the darkest and most destructive evil of our time. As you read this, more than 48 million people live in slavery and only 1% have any hope of being rescued. Sadly, women and children are the most vulnerable - 85% of enslaved people are women and girls. They are then forced into a life of sexual exploitation while being starved, caged, and physically beaten.


Watch the video to hear one survivor tell her story from how her trafficker tricked her to how she found hope.


We empower survivors directly through our Sanctuary model utilizing evidence based, trauma informed therapies, and champion transformation through the sharing of best practices in human trafficking aftercare. Our transformational approach to healing is holistic, evidenced by (i) overcoming trauma, (ii) reducing vulnerability to victimization, and (iii) reintegration.


Join us in eradicating this evil through raising awareness and implementing the heart of Uncaged’s model, uniquely designed Sanctuaries for rescued young women. Each Sanctuary provides a world-class, holistic continuum of care where Survivors can live in peace and safety while engaging in trauma recovery, medical support, education, and vocational training.

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