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Witnessing Hope and Restoration

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Hi Friends,

I feel honored to be witnessing hope and restoration in a time like this one! It’s been over a year since we rescued Snowy and placed her with a family who will love her forever. If you remember, her parents were tricked into giving her to a trafficker. She was only 12 years old when she was freed. She had endured horror and tragedy few of us can imagine.

When I saw her in January, the progress she made was incredible. I remember watching her bounce around the restaurant where we were eating with pure joy. When her host family sent me this picture she drew, my eyes filled with tears.

Do you see the hope leaping off of the page like I do? I can hardly describe the way this drawing fills my heart. When we first met Snowy, she could barely speak. I could not fathom how she saw the world or herself as anything but swathed in darkness. Just one year later, she pictures herself energized and healthy. Her hair flows, her eyes are bright. Light and beauty surround her.

Her talent is shining and bringing hope to others-- it brings me hope! In this season of preparation, Snowy is an example of what transformation looks like. She reminds me why our work is so vital. Without a safe place to heal and support, Snowy would not be overflowing with life. She would not be sitting at a piano, playing beautiful music.

Every survivor is precious. Every survivor deserves hope, healing, and joy. Snowy’s journey shows the transformation that is possible when we fight for survivors. Together, we’re fighting for hundreds of thousands of them. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if The Sanctuary was a “forever home” for healing by the time the travel bans lift? We are so close to owning this property outright. 

Once we do, we will proudly claim it as a permanent beacon of hope. Already, it stands alongside Snowy’s art as a symbol that together, we can open the door to a world without slavery. This world already is taking root, and it grows every day thanks to people like you.


Kim Westfall

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