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Become a Key Holder Today!

We're so excited to give you the first look at our brand new Key Holder program! We've been on a long journey to see the dream of the Sanctuary in Romania come to life, and you've been right there with us. This year we were able to get the Sanctuary up and running. We received our official certification from the government. And what we’ve all been waiting for, we welcomed our first survivors onto the property!

We are unlocking transformation for survivors at The Sanctuary and you hold the key!

That's where the Key Holder program comes in. We need your help to continue seeing precious souls find freedom and healing. We're inviting you to have a closer look inside The Sanctuary and be an integral part of the ongoing journey of transformation we want to see happening in Romania.

Our Key Holders represent the most dedicated anti-trafficking advocates. Through a commitment of monthly giving, you can help us continue our work of unlocking transformation for survivors in Romania and across Europe.

No amount is too small, and every gift makes a difference.

Your monthly gifts will put you right alongside trafficking Survivors, providing for their needs and impacting their lives!

The ongoing costs of running the Sanctuary every month include:

  • Facility maintenance and upgrades

  • Clothing and food for the survivors

  • Therapy training and supplies

  • Upkeep for the animals and the grounds

  • Paying the staff and running training

  • Educating local people on how to fight trafficking right where they are

We are the very first facility in Romania to receive authorization to work specifically in survivor aftercare and protection. When the government gave us our license, there was no designation for what we do and there were no standards set for facilities like ours. They gave us more than we asked for and we will be able to set the standards for helping survivors that need protection from their traffickers in this country!

When you become a Key Holder, at any giving level, you will be a part of this ground-breaking work. You will also receive exclusive content every month. Dedicated monthly emails like this one will include information from our experts and stories from The Sanctuary you won't get anywhere else.

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